Learn how to simplify your code for reading and writing data

Using Firebase Realtime Database is one of the quickest and reliable solutions to build our app with backend storage. It is a NoSQL cloud database that provides various features, including real-time sync and offline support.

Firebase offers cross-platform SDKs, allowing us to easily integrate it into our iOS apps. In…

Dependency injection, delegate methods, and more

Data passing between view controllers and views is an important aspect of iOS development. In fact, an improper implementation may result in app failure and produce incorrect end results.

Getting Started

In this article, we will learn how to implement the five methods to pass data between view controllers.

  1. Using internal or…

Navigation, grouped styling, bulk deletion, expandable lists, and sections

Drawing of layouts on phone screen

List is a great SwiftUI component to create a list view that contains multiple row views. It’s quite similar to UITableView, but it has a totally different implementation (no more delegate and data source methods).

List in SwiftUI uses declarative code, which means that it will observe the data changes…

Customize the intensity level of UIBlurEffect

Final output of iOS sheet with blurred background views

What’s the issue?

The problem begins when I was searching for a native iOS API to create a blurred background view while presenting a modal ViewController as shown in the image above.

I found that iOS has provided UIBlurEffect with three different styles, including .light, .dark and .extraLight. …

Learn how to implement a Grid Layout in iOS13 and iOS14

Drawing of layouts on phone screen

SwiftUI was first introduced at WWDC 2019, and the API has rapidly improved over the last two years. Apple has really made significant improvements to SwiftUI, including UI components, layouts, and animation.

Until WWDC21, SwiftUI had not yet included a dedicated CollectionView or Compositional Layouts to replace the UICollectionView in…

A simple and neat iOS app using the Combine framework

SwiftUI has become more famous since its introduction at WWDC2019. Over the past two years, Apple has added lots of improvements to this UI framework. Today, developers have started adopting it and slowly migrating their projects from UIKit.

What Will We Build?

In this tutorial, we will make a simple list with endless scrolling…

Learn how to write clean and maintainable code

man wearing headphones looking intently at a laptop screen

As product owners or developers, we want to create great apps that are well-designed and fully functional. However, complex apps with advanced UI design and flow can sometimes result in disastrous code being written that is very difficult to maintain.

Spaghetti code is a well-known term among developers. It refers…

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