Navigation, grouped styling, bulk deletion, expandable lists, and sections

Drawing of layouts on phone screen
Image by the author

Customize the intensity level of UIBlurEffect

Final output of iOS sheet with blurred background views
Example of blurred background with different intensity level (Image by author)

What’s the issue?

The problem begins when I was searching for a native iOS API to create a blurred background view while presenting a modal ViewController as shown in the image above.

Learn how to implement a Grid Layout in iOS13 and iOS14

Drawing of layouts on phone screen
Image by the author.

A simple and neat iOS app using the Combine framework

What we will build. Image by the author.

What Will We Build?

In this tutorial, we will make a simple list with endless scrolling…

Simple way to paginate your TableView based on API data

Image by Author


The rise of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have had a significant impact on the world today. People appear to have a habit of scrolling through their feeds all day, looking at various information and stories.

Help your users quickly input data

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This is a quick tutorial on how we can implement the AutoFill feature in our iOS apps to improve the user experience when dealing with multiple input fields. There will be a suggestion on each input field while they are typing depends on the specified input type.

Learn how to write clean and maintainable code

man wearing headphones looking intently at a laptop screen
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Error handling can even be more simple and easy to implement

A simple and easy approach with no library needed

Apps using the Bottom Sheet view
Apps using the bottom sheet view. Image by the author.

Learn how to write, test, and deploy with ease

Drawing of user on laptop with cloud in background
Photo from Firebase on YouTube.

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